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Cokin P Series Full ND Filter Kit (ref H300-01)

The Cokin H300-01 Full ND Filter Kit consists of three Neutral Density plain filters and is designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor, without affecting the colour balance. This kit does not include the filter holder.

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The Full ND Kit from Cokin contains a set of three ND filters: P152 Neutral Grey ND2 (0.3); P153 Neutral Grey ND4 (0.6); and P154 Neutral Grey ND8 (0.9). Designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor without affecting the colour balance, these filters can be used alongside a long shutter speed to capture smooth motion in waterfalls and cloudy skies, and allow you to play with backgrounds, distance and depth of field. Please note that this kit does not contain a Cokin filter holder or adapter ring.
Product Image
ND2 filter (P152) with 1-stop density
ND4 filter (P153) with 2-stop density
ND8 filter (P154) with 3-stop density